The BCB Studio

The BCB Studio is a space to create based in the heart of Stoke on Trent at Spode Works. 

A couple of kilns, a few wheels, an extruder, slab roller and a collection of moulds, have provided the humble beginings for a space that is developing in ambition and energy. 

We now have three workshop areas that allow for group making activities, individual working and carrying out specific techniques such as slip casting and mould making. This studio also provides a hub for our community and education programme - with community groups, teachers from near and far and pupils and students, all using the space to learn from working alongside ceramic artists. 

With the support of resident artist and Studio Manager, Jo Ayre, the regulars at the studio have made an invaluable contribution to the shared space, where they work both individually and collaboratively. The space is evolving and changing to suit the group and we are always eager to hear from potential new members.  

Adult Clay Courses 

Clay Together 

Open Access Studio 

Graft Studio


For individual or group access please contact BCB Studio Manager, Jo Ayre on or 01782 294634.