Ceramic City

Spode -China Hall

BCB aims to reflect the current surge in interest in ceramics and with it the resurgence of the city’s ceramics industry, it will illustrate a positive message about the city, how it wishes to present itself, with confidence as the UK’s Ceramics City, leading the ‘march of the makers’.

Ceramics is a wide-ranging discipline encompassing: tableware; sanitary ware; tiles and bricks (heavy or architectural ceramics), as well as technical ceramics and refractories. Whilst many of the brands associated with ceramics are well known, the sheer variety of uses to which ceramics can be put are much less well-known or recognised - outside the ceramic sector - by the general public.

For BCB 2017 we will display a number of ceramic innovations, products and processes which have been launched recently. This display, a refection of innovation within the industry, will be incorporated into construction using Johnson Tiles’ new ‘Home’ range, representing a number of innovations around the design, production process, and display and utilising the patented ‘Cristalgrip’ system.

Expect a few unusual applications, including ceramics for bio-medical / pharmaceutical use/aeronautical uses; or the application of ceramics to new and surprising uses.