Ceramics and its Dimensions

British Ceramics Biennial is proud to part of the international ceramics and its Dimensions (CAID) project.

CAID is an innovative project encompassing all facets of ceramics and uniting Europe u der its wide umbrella. It brings museums, universities and research institutes togther to provide an integral view of ceramics past, present and future and last but not least, harnesses all manner of internal and external communication to shed light on the dawn of ceramics: European Ceramics -a materail with tradition for the world of tomorrow. 

Ceramics and its Dimension is a multintional project which is coordinated by Porzellanikon -Staatliches Museum Fur Porzellan, Selb, Germany. The full list of partners can be found here

British Ceramics Biennial is working on a number of elements within the project, including the main Congress, Shaping the Future and the project's engagement programme. 

The Clay Pit is an interactive clay play space, will launch at BCB 2017. The Clay Pit is grounded in research being completed by Dena Bagi (BCB) and Priska Fallin (Aalto University, Helsinki) and forms part of our work on the education programme.   

For more Information about the engagement work which includes the development of the cooking with Clay toolkit, visit our learning blog.


More information about the project can be found on the CAID website