Place and Practices

Spode -China Hall

Throughout history, ceramics have played an important role in the phenomenon of cultural transfer. For centuries China, Japan and Korea have influenced each other’s aesthetics, practices and technologies. Subsequent trade with the West, and the imitation and hybridization of Oriental styles in the late 18th centuries greatly influence the development of new ceramic traditions in Europe.

The British Ceramics Biennial 2017 sees a continuation of this cycle of exchange, through the site orientated residency Place and Practices, where artists Neil Brownsword (UK), Juree Kim (KR) and Oh Hyanjong (KR) present a cross-cultural response to themes of materiality, place and tradition. The project extends each artists’ ongoing investigations into architectural heritage, traditional craft, and the social and political histories of place and labour. 


Images: Factory, Neil Brownsword with Rita Floyd, 2017 and Hwi-gyeoung Series, Juree Kim, 2015