What Can Ceramics Do?

World Of Wedgwood

Every year, second year BA Ceramic Design students at Central Saint Martins engage in ‘The Client Project’ which sees five businesses or organisations working with small groups of students who act as a design consultancy. 

Usually there is quite a specific design brief from commercial enterprises or organisations but 2017 was a little different. Students were asked to explore the power of the ceramic material and its possibilities for social impact by working with five Charities or social enterprises:

·      Handsinc - Reclaim the Menopause,

·      The Dementia Research Centre at UCL,

·      The Dalson Eastern Curve Garden,

·      The Global Generation Skip Garden

·      and Studio3Arts a community arts organisation in Barking and Dagenham.  

Students were posed the question: ‘What Can Ceramics Do?’, and they set off to research and explore creative possibilities through engaging with communities, attending conferences and meeting with their clients.  Powerful and emotive work was produced, giving voice to the charities and their values through the medium of clay.

At part of BCB2017 this work will be exhibited in the foyer of the Wedgwood Museum at World of Wedgwood.